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Undergraduate Writing Prizes

Congratulations to all Caltech undergraduate writing prize winners:

Alexander P. and Adelaide F. Hixon Prize for Writing in Freshman Humanities (2016)

Gideon Leeper, "Empiricism and Mathematical Knowledge"


2016 Biology 1 Writing Prize Winners

Evan Gunter: Brain Energy Usage in Humanized Chimeric Mice

Walter Melton:The Purpose of the Lew(TTA)-tRNA Encoding Genes in Mimivirus

Matthew Wu: Examining NKG2D Ligand Expression of Devil Facial Tumor Disease

Catherine Pavlov: TBA

Sara Lee: Granuloma Formation caused by Agent Impurities in Hyaluronic Acid


Gordon McClure Memorial Communications Prize

English: Suchita Nety, “Feminine Intellectual Fertility in the Writing of Christine de Pizan

History: Leo Balestri, “Fifty Years of Dividing Lines

Philosophy: William Hoza, "A Can of Worms"


Mary A. Earl McKinney Prize in Literature

Poetry: Matthew Lim, "Encounter"

Prose: Sirus Han, "Silent Goodbyes"


Library Friends Senior Thesis Prize -- 2016

Ayush Gupta, “Noncovalent Immobilization of Electrocatalysts on Carbon Electrodes via a Pyrenyl Ligand” 


For more information about applying for these prizes, please contact us