Plagiarism is the practice of publishing (or, for students, submitting to a professor) writing in which the author fails to make the original sources of specific language, ideas, data, or information clear to the reader in the ways that are expected for that genre of writing. Citation processes vary significantly by discipline, situation, and genre. The Hixon Writing Center is one campus resource for supporting students who are learning new citation practices.

Students and faculty may wish to review our policies for how we handle plagiarism.

Students can consult our online resources offering more information on what plagiarism is and how to work with sources effectively. They can also find some information about scholarly citation and style systems on our student resources page. Finally, students who wish to learn more about working with sources are always welcome to make an appointment to talk with our professional and peer tutors.

Faculty can consult our online resources offering more information about how to prevent and respond to plagiarism or poor work with sources in their sources.