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The STEM Writers Collaborative

The Hixon Writing Center invites you to apply for The STEM Writers Collaborative, a weekly small-group discussion series that explores special topics in STEM writing. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts to diverse audiences. 

The Collaborative will meet every Friday (following the Thursday Writing Workshop) from June 26 to August 14.

Our goals for the 2020 STEM Writers Collaborative are to: 

  • explore and discuss weekly workshop topics at a deeper level 

  • share/learn new writing strategies, workflows, and practices (includes live demos on literature search, figure making, and editing)

  • evaluate each other's writing and provide constructive feedback

  • help members gain confidence in their writing and communication abilities

  • foster a close community of peers interested in improving their communication skills in STEM

This opportunity is open to all students participating in summer undergraduate research at Caltech. A limited number of spots are available. Applications are open until June 19. 

Click here to apply.