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Faculty Resources

Over the next several years, HWC staff will begin working on developing resources aimed specficially at our faculty related to teaching writing and communication, and we want to build custom resources in response to faculty requests. What issues come up for you in the classroom, in designing assignments, and in responding to student writing that we might be able to help you negotiate? If you have suggestions for something we can develop for faculty, please email us.

If you're looking for handouts to distribute to your students on topics related to academic writing, check out our Student Handouts and Resources page. If you'd like to recommend the development of a new resource aimed at students, we'd love to work with you on that--please email us.

We encourage all faculty to check out our resources aimed at helping faculty prevent and respond to plagiarism.

We work closely with Caltech's Center for Teaching and Learning to provide resources and events that support teaching. Check out their resources for further information.