Multiple options for meeting

The HWC currently offers three modes of individual appointments, including both in-person and online meetings. All in-person meetings require writers to follow current Caltech protocols for masking in instructional settings. We provide masks in our center for those who may need a medical-grade mask.

Take your writing to the next level. 


help We're here to help.

All writers benefit from sharing a work-in-progress, and our staff is ready to support your work. We can offer feedback, guidance, and reliable information about academic writing, as well as a chance to think aloud about your written work. 


Let's get started.

You can consult with us about writing at any stage—from nascent ideas to nearly-finished papers. To make an appointment, log in to the Writing Center Scheduler via Access




What to expect when you meet with us

Every one-to-one meeting is a little different, because each writer has a unique project. We'll help you set some goals for the session and then work together to reach your goals. Activities like brainstorming, modeling, reading aloud, or mapping out ideas on whiteboards are common in our conversations.


How does it help?

Readers will see strengths and limits in a text that aren't visible to writers. Our staff members also have access to a range of resources on academic writing that can answer your questions and provide useful models. Many writers also find meetings with our staff provide accountability and motivation to get writing done.




Resources for writing

Meeting with us isn't the only way to improve your writing. Check out our resources page for reliable information, guidance, and models of academic writing. You can also email us if you have a specific question about academic writing.


Get to know us.

Our staff members are trained in a wide range of academic disciplines, but we all have expertise in academic writing. We also share a passion for helping writers achieve their goals. Our online bios will tell you more about who we are.


Where to find us

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The Hixon Writing Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Center for Student Services.