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Peer Tutors

Maria Azcona-Baez

Maria Azcona-Baez, Avery

Maria is a sophomore chemical engineering student. She is currently working in the Greer Group to investigate the finer details of 3-D printing metal structures. She is passionate about discussing writing techniques and hopes to help students navigate this space with as much fun as possible. In her free time, she likes reading fantasy/science fiction, writing short stories, and playing video games.

Nickiket Bhanushali

Nachiket Bhanushali, Venerable

Nachiket is a junior majoring in physics. He currently works in the Caltech Precision Timing Lab and is investigating the light output of certain particle detector modules. As a tutor, he hopes to share his writing experiences so he can support students in achieving their writing goals, while also improving his own skills as a writer. In his free time, he enjoys watching films, hiking, and reading.

Emily Choe

Emily Choe, Venerable

Emily is a junior majoring in computation and neural systems. She loves the process of writing, from brainstorming, to writing the first draft, to editing and finalizing the piece. She hopes to be an approachable and resourceful peer tutor. Apart from academics, she likes yoga, earrings, and diving.

Adnan Contractor

Adnan Contractor, Bechtel

Adnan is a senior majoring in math. He hopes to get to know students by reflecting on their writing and literary interests. He is drawn to readings of scientific realism and the philosophy of scientific law. Adnan's favorite pastimes are watching basketball and eating medjool dates.

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Reggy Granovskiy, Dabney

Reggy is a senior in History and Computer Science with an interest in physics. They believe that a humanistic perspective is vital to working in the sciences, and that writing is particularly essential not only for communicating effectively but also for developing one's ideas and working through complex topics. Being a part of the Hixon Writing Center has been a great opportunity for them to reflect on different writing processes and engage with a variety of interesting ideas. They like to spend their free time playing board games, watching horror movies, and drawing.

Bella Hurvitaz

Bella Hurvitz, Page

Bella is a senior majoring in bioengineering. Writing holds importance in her life as a means of effective communication and as a creative outlet. As a tutor, Bella seeks to sustain her interest in writing by supporting students as they develop effective communication skills in both scientific and non-scientific writing efforts. In her free time, Bella likes to paint, play soccer, and spend time outdoors.

Nico Jimenez-Lozano
Nico Jimenez-Lozano, Page

Nico is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. He tutors at the writing center to help other students better understand themselves as writers so that they can more effectively communicate their ideas. In his free time, Nico likes to listen and play music, go outdoors, and cook/bake.

Shalini Kurinchi

Shalini Kurinchi-Vendhan, Blacker

Shalini is a senior studying astrophysics. Currently, she is researching how black holes lead to the death of galaxies using cosmological simulations. But she also loves literature and writing, and hopes to share that passion with others at Caltech. Other than exploring her secret door to Narnia, her favorite books are Villette by Charlotte Bronte, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, and anything by Lemony Snicket.

Grace Liu

Grace Liu, Page (social Avery)

Grace is a senior student majoring in biology and English. She currently does research in the Arnold lab on using machine learning to characterize protein interactions. She believes that all scientists need to also cultivate strong communication skills so that their work can be shared with other scientists and the general public. She enjoys creative writing as a way to relieve stress from academics. She spends her free time reading, listening to music, and learning to become a better cook.

Aramis Mendoza

Aramis Mendoza, Avery and Ricketts

Aramis is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering. She is currently working as part of Caltech's NASA Big Idea Challenge 2022 Team in mechanical design for aerospace applications. She is passionate about connecting with others through writing and exploring identity through creative writing pieces. In her free time, Aramis enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and late-night driving in the city.

Geoff Pomraning

Geoff Pomraning

Geoff is a senior majoring in physics and mathematics, with an emphasis on plasma physics and combinatorics. He thinks that the secret to great science is in becoming a great scientific communicator. His summers researching with the Bellan Plasma Physics Group and the Wisconsin Plasma Physics Lab have instilled an appreciation of technical writing and reporting. He is very excited to be working to support students on their writing journeys.

Daniel Quintana

Daniel Quintana, Lloyd

Daniel is a senior majoring in computer science. he believes that strong communication and writing skills are critical to every student at Caltech for both their STEM and non-STEM efforts. Through peer tutoring, he hopes to help students hone these skills, as well as improve his own. In his free time, Daniel likes reading, sleeping, and playing video games.

Isabelle Ragheb

Isabelle Ragheb, Avery

"Izzy" is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in aerospace engineering. In addition to her interest in rocket propulsion systems, Izzy is also passionate about literary analysis and creative writing. Given her diverse writing experience, she is excited to bring a unique perspective to students coming to the HWC. By striving to be an approachable and welcoming tutor, Izzy hopes to demonstrate the power of effective writing to as many of her peers as possible. In her free time she enjoys baking vegan desserts, swimming, painting and drawing, going on runs, and reading.

Lily Randall

Lily Randall, Page

My name is Lily Randall, and I am a sophomore in Geochemistry. Writing has always been something I both enjoy and used to struggle with. As a tutor I hope to help others understand the ways they struggle with writing and help them find ways of getting passed that to create a paper they're satisfied represents their ideas. I also love running, music, and drawing in my free time.

Heidi Redmond

Heidi Redmond, Venerable

Heidi is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering on the Biomolecular Track. She's fascinated by the process of writing, especially when considering that effective writing isn't necessarily the result of a formula, as students are sometimes taught, but is instead the creative application of rhetorical tools. Heidi believes that good writing lures a reader into considering its ideas and perspectives, and loves helping others unlock this power within their own writing. In addition to being a rhetorical enthusiast, Heidi plays Double Bass in the Caltech Symphony Orchestra and in her free time loves to crochet, read, and listen to her Oldies playlist.

Maggie Sui

Maggie Sui, Lloyd

Maggie is a senior majoring in bioengineering and English. She values writing as both a means of communication and an art form. As a peer tutor, Maggie hopes to help others develop their voice and writing process. Outside of writing, Maggie enjoys nature, philosophy, and dark chocolate. She plays violin for the Caltech chamber music program.

Alexis Wang

Alexis Wang, Avery

Alexis is a junior studying Computer Science. Reading and writing have been a longtime love of hers, from poetry to articles on Medium. As a tutor, she hopes she can help others find their voice and passion in the things they wish to communicate and share. Outside of HWC, she enjoys walking, traveling, watching movies, swimming, and, as a native New Yorker, exploring her hometown.

Leo Williams

Leo Williams, Lloyd

Leo is a junior majoring in bioengineering. He is currently researched enzyme replacement therapies in the Chou laboratory. Writing has been an integral part of his life for many years, and he hopes to help spread his passion for writing with Hixon. In his free time, he is on the basketball team and enjoys cooking.

Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang

Wentao is a junior majoring in biology with an emphasis in neuroscience. He is currently researching nuclear pole complexes at the Hoelz lab. He hopes that he can help students enjoy writing a little more and better communicate their scientific ideas. He spends his free time swimming and reading high fantasy novels.