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Peer tutors available to meet off-schedule

The first place you should seek a meeting with a peer tutor is our schedule (more info here). However, undergraduates who would like to make an appointment to discuss writing at a time that is not open in our schedule are invited to individually email the following tutors. While these tutors may not be available with short notice, they will respond to your email within 24 hours to let you know about their availability.

Spring Quarter, 2023

  • Maria Azcona Baez
  • Nachiket Bhanushali
  • Emily Choe
  • Nico Jimenez-Lozano
  • Aramis Mendoza
  • Izzy Ragheb
  • Lily Randall
  • Alexis Wang
  • Leo Williams

You can find tutors' email addresses via the Caltech Directory