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Books on Academic Writing

When we work with writers in the HWC, we often share models and resources from books on academic writing. These materials are not typically directly accessible online via google search. Below, we share details on how to access books on academic writing that we find useful in our work with Caltech writers.

Caltech LibGuide on Academic Writing This webpage lists many books on academic writing and publishing that are available via Caltech's Library. Note that the LibGuide contains many tabs that allow you to select sub-topics of interest.

Resources for Writers in STEM Fields This annotated bibliography was developed by HWC staff and provides information on some of the books we use most often in our work with STEM writers. Many of these books are availability via the Caltech Library. (Don't forget you can use Docuserve to obtain books not held in our collections.) We also have copies of these books in the HWC. You can't check them out from the HWC, but you are free to stop by and consult a book in our center.